We know efficiency and consistency are equally as important as quality and taste—which is why our exclusive Bake’Up® technology offers:

  • 6x Faster :No proving. No defrosting. No glazing.*
  • Up to 60% smaller than pre-proved products and can therefore save up to 60% in storage and logistic costs**

The products can go straight from the freezer into the oven - saving bakers a lot of time. All Bake'Up® products can be baked perfectly in a hot air oven, a rack oven or a pressure cooker. Specific equipment is therefore not required! An extreme level of convenience, as well as an excellent taste, makes Bake'Up® by Banquet d'Or® an attractive choice.

French Pastry - from freezer to Oven

Bake’Up®'s innovative technology preserves the authentic elements of French pastry, made with passion and knowledge of an artisan baker. The products are made with the finest ingredients to ensure that customers will taste the authenticity in every bite.

Products from the Bake’Up® range also receive the Clean Label as a commitment between you and your customers, striving to provide better and better nutritional solution. Your customers will love the Clean Label promise in each sustainably-made, planet-positive bite. 

Read more about Our Clean Label here.


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