Vandemoortele®, the parent company of Banquet d’Or®, is a family-owned, leading European food group that produces and sells high-quality food products with a focus on sustainability from ingredient sourcing to product packaging and shipment.

Vandemoortele® at a glance

Founded in Izegem, Belgium in 1899, Vandemoortele® concentrates on two categories: Bakery Products and Margarines, Culinary Oils, and Fats.

Family-owned, leading European food group based in Belgium that produces and sells high quality food products.

Has more than 30 production facilities in 12 European countries, selling to more than 95 countries, including a recent expansion to the United States.

Committed to making great tasting and enjoyable food in a responsible way. Four areas define the company commitment to the future:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Protecting nature
  • Enhancing lives

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OUR clean label DEFINITION:

Excellent taste and quality are the trademarks of all Vandemoortele foods. By improving the nutrition profile of our products, we facilitate healthier food choices. Continuously improving our products and removing additives & coloring agents is an important driver for us to guide people to a better health and a tasty and sustainable future.

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LANTERNA® is our range of focaccias, made with authentic Italian flavour and character. ‘Lanterna’ means ‘lighthouse’, which is the symbol of Genoa, the largest Italian port on the Mediterranean, where the company originated.

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