Vandemoortele®, the parent company of Banquet d’Or®, is a leading, family-owned European food group that produces high-quality food products with a focus on sustainability from ingredient sourcing to product packaging and shipment.

Vandemoortele® at a glance

  • Founded in Izegem, Belgium in 1899, Vandemoortele® concentrates on two categories:
    • Bakery Products and Margarines, Culinary Oils, and Fats.
  • With over more than 30 production facilities in 12 European countries, Vandemoortele sells to more than 95 countries, including a recent expansion to the United States.

Vandemoortele is committed to making great tasting and enjoyable food in a responsible way. The objectives define the company commitment to the future:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Protecting nature
  • Enhancing lives

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OUR clean label COMMITMENT:

Excellent taste and quality are the trademarks of all Vandemoortele foods. We strive to promote healthier food choices by improving the nutrition profile of our products: removing additives & coloring agents to help guide consumers to a better healthier, sustainable future.

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Vandemoortele's® LANTERNA® focaccias are made with authentic Italian flavour and character. ‘Lanterna’ meaning ‘lighthouse’, originated in Genoa, Italy, largest port on the Mediterranean. Our focaccia line delivers a true taste of Italy through pure, simple ingredients.

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