Founded by Belgium-based Vandemoortele® in 1983, Banquet d'Or® offers easy-to-prepare baked goods with real ingredients and expert level results. After bringing delicious French flavor to Europe for nearly 40 years, our easy-to-bake, easy-to-love products are now available for US distribution.

The result of Vandemoortele’s continuous innovation since 1899, our patented Bake’Up® technology is designed to make bakers’ lives easier with freezer-to-oven ease—delivering deliciously authentic, European pastries in just 25 minutes. Our Bake’Up® products eliminate the labor and typical early morning start through an easy and convenient process that allows for a broad assortment of high quality, freshly baked pastries.

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Our Clean Label

he Vandemoortele Clean Label is a promise of our comprehensive effort to provide better food solutions and a pledge to use ingredients you can trust. Our ever-growing portfolio includes a wide assortment of Clean Label options—containing no artificial colorants, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils or fats, no high fructose corn syrup and no chemically modified starch.

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Bake'Up® - from freezer to oven

Bake'up boxes

Celebrated for their taste and texture, many Banquet d'Or® products are crafted using Vandemoortele’s patented Bake’Up® technology. These pastries bake in just 25 minutes with freezer-to-oven innovation and save up to 60% in storage and logistic costs compared to larger, pre-proofed alternatives.

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