Bake'Up® All Butter Chocolate Roll – 2.65 oz

Product Description

This Bake'Up® All Butter Chocolate Roll is a French inspired delicacy that offers an exceptional level of convenience: from freezer to oven. Crafted from a traditional recipe and with a  rich milk chocolate filling that delights the palette.

Why you'll love this product

  • From freezer to oven
  • Excellent convenience
  • Clean Label
  • Ready in less than 30 min

Extra information

Items per box
Cartons per pallet
Weight per piece
75 g / 2.65 oz
Weight per box
5,25 kg / 11.57 lbs
Weight per pallet
588 kg / 1296.32 lbs
Instructions for use
350 F - 20-25'
Shelf life after production
12 Months
Bake'Up® All Butter Chocolate Roll