Essential Episcarf White Baguette – 9.88 oz

Product Description

With a crisp, golden crust and a tender center, this Essential White Baguette is a best seller and all-time favorite. The tang of real sourdough and beautiful markings delight the senses, while our Clean Label designation provides even more reasons to love this delicious, gourmet classic.

Why you'll love this product

  • Perfect for professional use
  • Clean label
  • Excellent quality
  • Ready in less than 30 min
  • French heritage
  • Delicious taste

Extra information

Items per box
Cartons per pallet
Weight per piece
280 g / 9.88 oz
Weight per box
7,84 kg / 17.28 lbs
Weight per pallet
219,52 kg / 483.96 lbs
Instructions for use
365° F - 12-15'
Shelf life after production
12 Months
Essential Episcarf White Baguette